Hope your week is going great?! 

So I  started attending a discipleship class in my church…it was such a huge coincidence as the announcement for those who wanted to continue to grow in their faith, was made the first Sunday I attended service there. 

My 1st class was last week and we spent the evening meditating on Matthew 28:17-20. We even split in 2 groups and acted a short skit from the verses. Without using any of the exact words but our understanding and interpretations. It was such a fun evening of learning 😊

One thing I learnt was that despite the fact that we are all called to a life of drawing others to eternal life in Christ Jesus. In whatever way we can through the gifts Christ has abundantly blessed us with – writing, speaking, encouraging, teaching etc, we must continue to do so to a point where the people we have blessed can be a blessing to others(..teaching them all I have commanded youmaking disciples of all nations). 

In other words, we keep pouring into others until we initiate a DOMINO Effect