So I haven’t done a travel post in a while and I don’t know why! I haven’t travelled as much this year but I have definitely had some exciting travel experiences even in the city I currently call home – one of the leading travel destinations. However, that’s a post for another day, today am here to tell you about my NYC weekend experience some weeks back. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in New York city and this time around I got to be a tourist :-). Isn’t that exciting. SO if you are ever in NYC for a couple of days, here are a few tricks that worked for me and just might for you as well

  • Broadway: Being a huge theatre arts lover, there’s no way I would be in NY without getting to see a broadway show. This time around I saw Waitress: the musical. The show was great, good music, colorful props with a unique story line. If you have ever seen the movie, the stage play is so spot on. However, if you are traveling with children, may not be appropriate for that audience. Book your tickets early on with the option to choose your seats. I also learnt of a new option to get ticket deals by visiting the ticket shop in Times Square, for the opportunity to buy tickers at low rates which haven’t been sold yet
  • Accommodation: Booking a place to stay in NYC can sometimes be a hassle especially when you aren’t familiar with the city. One may end up getting a place to stay thats far out from all the attraction sites on your itinerary. I advise you look up your options on google maps by checking the travel time and options to enable make a decision so you don’t spend half your trip commuting. I recommend Air BnB for good deals on places to stay or if you are luck like me, you get to book hotel in Times Square with loyalty points from previous hotel stays
  • Sites to See: the Hop on Hop off buses are a good way to get to see a lot of the city especially the red line which goes downtown. Not all Hop on Hop off buses are value for your money in certain cities but NY’s was definitely worth it. Have a couple of pictures to show for it. You can get the Value tickets that enable you visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Immigration museum as well. I would like highly recommend a visit to the Immigration museum as there’s a lot to learn about the history of the USA and how the role and stories of the immigrants which make up most of its populace. No one is left out in the exhibits, Africans, Europeans, Red Indians. The Empire state building is also a place not to miss, being tallest building NY in the city it provides a a breath taking view of the ‘Concrete jungle’. You can purchase these from any travel website such as or from any hotel concierge which was the rout I went as a lot of it was last minute
  • Shopping: If you love to shop as much as I do, you may enjoy a visit to the Woodbury Outlet Mall located upstate of the city. However, there a shuttle tourist buses from the city and back. These buses can be found downtown around the Times Square area. The drive to the outlet is only about an hour from this location.
  • Other sites on my list that I haven’t gotten to see yet are: Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), 9/11 memorial, Comedy Club, Brooklyn Tabernacle Church,

Hope this helps as you plan your next short trip to New York as its always a good idea as you hardly run out of things to do. Please share some of the things that have made your trip to NYC memorable or what you look forward to each time


[P.S: been sitting in drafts since December