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Bow Tie Pasta 

Seems like I got bitten by the pasta bug during my trip to Florence, Italy, which I just saw its a beautiful place. So many sites to see with a rich culture and a great love of food. If anyone reading is ever in Florence, do make it a point of duty to visit the following sites or try the following activities

  • Segway Tour of the City Centre
  • Vespa tour of the Wine area
  • The sites of the City Centre such as the Cathedral,
  • The Vantage point of the city where the Michel Angelo statue is
  • Will keep updating the posts as I remember the names

First week back, I was in the mood for Pasta almost everyday and decided to go the route of the bow tie pasta. All that was needed for the recipe are: Tomato Sauce, Pasta, Choped Vegetables of choice, Spices, Minced meat. Simple.


Bring the pasta to a boil and rinse with cold water and keep aside

The sauce prepared two days before was included in the pot. Add about a tbsp of olive or sunflower oil, add onions and sliced green peppers, then mixed meat and season with coriander, thyme and lil salt and stir fry. Pour in your Tomato sauce and bring to a boil

Add in your pasta to the sauce and stir together and leave to sinmer till your pasta is tender enough to serve


Learn and Adapt to Win with Yam Pottage

How many times do we find ourselves answering the question, “why is that…?” With the same reply – it’s always been that way or that’s how I learnt to do it. 

A few days ago, I was in the middle of the preparation stage of making Yam pottage. I had my yam and plantain pieces on the stove boiling and was about to hit the on button on my blender to purée my tomatoes, onions and peppers; and as anyone who is familiar with Erratic power supply in Nigeria with, the power holders decided to shed some load off grid.

So what to do with an empty stomach, boiling yam and tomatoes ready to go in and an obstacle preventing me from doing the normal way? My survival mode kicked in and without flinching, I did the what I had to and I have got to say I loved the result 10x over than what I get normally.

Chopped up my peppers and tomatoes and onions and the result was a pot of steaming pottage with the richness of all the ingredients in every bite. Isn’t that winning?! The featured image captured the true essence of the emotion I felt when I took the first bite. 🙂

Guess just like food, we should learn to adapt to the situations we are presented with and make the best out of it without wasting time whining over what could have been.

Disclaimer: the title ‘learn and adapt to win’ is not orginally mine but living it everyday

Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry

One of my favorite times of dishes to prepare are one pot meals due to my limited number of pots. In preparing this particular dish, what usually takes the most time is the preparation stage which involves the chopping of vegetables. Since this is my 1st Food post, I would like to let my readers know that I would be describing the quantities used in terms of Naira. Most of the time, measurements make a recipe daunting at least for me, I just do it the old fashioned way which is gauge it with my eyes as I cook. I don’t have enough pictures from the prep stage but will improve in subsequent posts. 


  • 500NGN Beef
  • 1/2 of a small 150NGN cabbage
  • 100NGN Carrot
  • 50 NGN Green Pepper
  • 2 small Tomatoes
  • Knorr
  • Salt
  • Spring onions
  • Onion
  • Spices of your choice( I used Coriandar, Louisiana Cajun Rub, thyme, Garlic Powder)


  1. Season the beef properly with 3 cubes of knorr, salt, onions, thyme.
  2. Add very little water to the pot, this will enable its stock come out thick, and boil for about 40minutes or until tender
  3. While the beef is boiling, wash your vegetables with salt water to kill all germs
  4. Dice carrots
  5. Slice cabbage, spring onions and green pepper
  6. Remove the insides/pulp of the tomatoes and slice
  7. Set vegetables aside in covered plates
  8. Once the beef is boiled, slice into thin strips.
  9. Get a wide saucepan(in lack of this, I used a wide pot). Add about 1tbsp of butter, when hot, add in the spring onions, peppers and tomatoes.
  10. Stir fry until the flavours are extracted, add a littles of your spices of choice and then the beef along with its stock and continue to stir   
  11. Add in your carrots next and stir fry until slightly tender. Taste to ensure that the flavours have been absorbed by the vegetables.
  12. Add in the cabbage last as this get soft very quickly. Stir everything together for about 5 more minutes. Ensure the cabbage is still crunchy but soft when you turn off the heat.    
  13. Serve with Pasta, Rice or noodles. Also quite enjoyable alone as well

Bon Appetit!

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