I know I know, it’s been way too long and am sowie!!! Ironically one of the reasons for the long break besides being very busy was that I was inundated with ideas of what the next post should be, as a lot has happened. Finally, a decision has been made I would like to do a HAIR post!

For me, a visit to the salon is one of the ways to relax most especially if you keep your hair in its natural unrelaxed state. One of the struggles of moving to a new city is not knowing where to get that Salon Spa experience. I had learnt from a friend about a natural Hair salon in Port Harcourt and also stumbled upon it on some blogs listing Natural Hair salons in the country. So I paid a visit to Yellow SISI salon. I would try to incorporate a bit of a review about my experience there. It wasn’t what I expected but I have to give them points for the products used. They know how to care for one’s hair and this is something that’s rarely attainable with natural hair. However, ambience and customer service can definitely be improved upon. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the salon but maybe I could get one from anyone who visits soon.

So basically, I went to the salon not really sure of what hair do I wanted but I know I wanted my hair taken care off. The works… Washed, steamed, trimmed maybe, and probably twists. Fast forward 20mins of waiting time and I get inspired by a box of hair color on display 🙂

The Hair Color Used

There are so many rules about coloring natural hair that kept flashing through my mind as I tried to make a decision, I went on Instagram for further inspiration and I found this


Photo Cred: Instagram @klassykinks


I totally fell in love, I knew I couldn’t achieve this with out of the box color but I knew I definitely wanted to give it a shot!

So I did! I loved the result, it wasn’t too bright but it still gave my hair the touch of color I was going for. After all, life is too short to have boring hair! In case, you haven’t gotten the drift yet, this is going to be a series on how to take care of color treated natural hair and I promise to be as sincere as possible by sharing the not so great experiences or experiments with the good!


Few weeks before my 2nd run at Hair Color

Dye and Minitwists done at Yellow Sisi Natural hair Hangout

I have only dyed my hair twice in my life with the first being about 20months ago when I did the chop after my transition to natural hair and I have to say I never regretted. Didn’t keep the color popping for long though as I wasn’t knowledgeable about how to do so then. Color treated hair requires special care to ensure the color pops, stays and your hair remains fully moisturized. This time we are on the journey to beautifully manatained colored hair 😉


The Bun life 😊

Please let me  know any advice or questions you might have as we embark on this journey!