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Have you Rested Today?

So, I know that might seem like a rather odd question considering the fact that most people consider sleep as a period of rest, which i agree in no doubt it is but I recently became aware of the concept of ”intentional rest”. Now, what does that even mean?! To rest with intentionality.

This is a concept that I considered foreign until quite recently when I realised I was becoming so consumed by a very busy schedule that it started affecting my physical and emotional health. So, I decided to take a break from Instant Messaging in order to prioritize my activtities in my life to the most optimal arrangement to improve this and get some rest. But guess what, I realised I wasn’t resting right.

Okay, okay…before you start wondering what the big deal is about resting and why am going on and on about it, let me share a few things I learnt in the last couple of weeks. The 3 Ws

  •  We were deigned to rest. This might seem like a very obvious fact but its something not many of us pause to think about in the middle of our very busy schedules. I believe its safe to infer that if the creator took a whole day to rest then the created was also designed to rest also after hard work. This requirement is highlighted so perfectly in Mark 2:27, which says: ”The Sabbath was made on account and for the sake of man, not man for the Sabbath”
  • Rest is an exercise of faith and obedience.

    …For those earlier ones never did get to the place of rest because they were disobedient….Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience – Hebrews 4:6;11 (NKJV)

    Hmmm..interesting right?! It would surprise you to know as it surprised me that for us, rest is practically mandatory and is done from a place of faith in the one who we believe has everything under control. It is impossible to rest if one’s mind is fully preocccupied with all the cares and worries of our lives but the ability to fully truly trust that everything works together for our good can only come through faith.

    For he who has once entered [God’s] rest also has ceased from [the weariness and pain] of human labors, just as God rested from those labors peculiarly his own – Hebrews 4:10(AMP)

    True rest then can be considered an act of worship because it allows us to fully surrender our will to His.

  • How often must we rest? Daily. Yeah, you read right…we are to enjoy some moments of true rest daily. I don’t mean to sleep but a consciousness of taking a couple of minutes a day to rest in His embrace. To forget the worries of this world – our tight schedules, the demands to be a good friend, employer, employee, employer, child, mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend – and truly rest as the ‘created’ in the arms of the ‘creator’

Again, He sets a definite day, [a new] Today, [and gives another opportunity of securing that rest] saying through David after so long a time in the words already quoted, Today, if you would hear His voice and when you hear it, do not harden your hearts – Hebrews 4:7 (AMP)

So seize the moment TODAY if its in some quiet meditation with a book, a song or in your own bubble in a noisy environment. Whatever works for you as long as you are able to spend a few minutes resting in the assurance of his promises and what lies in store for you. The works were finished from the beginning of time

…On the 7th day, God rested from ALL his works…Hebrews 4:4(NKJV)

We are all trying to make that meeting, beat that deadline, keep up with lightening pace of things but let us not get so accustomed to being busy that we believe in the strength of our works alone. I recently read in a devotional plan, in my Bible app, titled: The Lies of Busyness

‘Busyness by itself isn’t wrong but busyness requires intention…The prayer is that in our pursuit of life, we do not busy ourselves in vain but in alignment to God’w will and with intention’

I believe the only way to remain ‘busy with focus’ is to take a few minutes each day to REST. Heather Lindsey put it so perfectly in the image below:

A quote by Heather Lindsey

Ref: Hebrews 4:1-8; Mark 2:27; Matthew 11:28; Psalm 39:6

Airplane Etiquette: 5 tips to not creeping out a fellow passenger

I have been privileged to be able to use an “Aeroplane” as a means of transport for the past 12 years and in those years, I guess I have been fortunate to have some very pleasant and mannered individuals as seat partners. Don’t get me wrong, I probably had one or two interesting interactions in those times but nothing beats my most recent experience. I guess this is something suffered by most air plane passengers due to the lack of knowledge of Airplane Etiquette, so doing a service by sharing the little I know from my experiences;

Do not volunteer too much unsolicited information to a fellow passenger.

Do not share a passengers tray table, we all have individual ones for a reason

Do not interrupt a passenger’s viewing time to tell them how exciting your own movie is and how they should switch to that

Do not offer to tuck in a fellow passengers, that’s considered creepy considering the circumstances of having a complete stranger offer to do that.

Do not offer your used pillow to a fellow passenger

I guess at the end of the day, no one is exactly thrilled to be trapped in a confined space for an extended period of time so always try to look out for your seat partner by maintaining good manners

PH Travel Series 1: Foot bridge unlike any other

I felt it would selfish not to share this awesome blog post from a fellow travel enthusiast about our adopted city – Port Harcourt 🙂

I guess this can be considered a sequel to my earlier post about the city.
Notey describes one of the unique sights in the city!


Dear reader: I recently recognized the fact that my travel blog has to reflect stories from my current city of residence- Port Harcourt. Thus far, I’ve written about my travels outside of Rivers state and to honor the popular saying that ‘Charity begins at Home’, I will be sharing stories of my trip around this bustling, busy, sometimes very-hard-to-love city. I hope you enjoy and spread the word.

Foot bridges are a common spectacle on the express roads across Nigeria. They are reminders to pedestrians that if they want to return safe to their families, they need to make use of them instead of crossing the roads on foot.

They typically come in shapes and sizes like this:

Foot Bridge Photo credit-

However, the other day while I was out and about in Port Harcourt and had to go to GRA bus stop on Aba road; I ran into this super-cool pedestrian bridge. Earlier…

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The Garden City chronicles 

Port Harcourt, Rivers state aka The Garden city has been home to me over the last 6months and in that time, I have learnt some lessons that I would like to share with you. If you ever decide to visit or make this place home, here are a few things I would like you to know.

  • You never negotiate with market sellers, how dare you?! 😱 It is a taboo in this land; if you choose to defy this rule, prepare to receive a backlash either  in a rude or polite manner, spoken or silent. This is particularly interesting as it is practically a benefit of being Nigerian- the freedom to negotiate
  • It is your responsibility to provide change to transporters. The audacity to enter any means of transportation in the city, particularly the shared taxis or Kekes without your exact fare change could result in you being dropped off at any location the drivers deems fit.😄
  • Almost everywhere within PH can be connected via The Keke Transport line. It may take about a chain of multiple Kekes but if it is within the city you shall get there. However this excludes the Government Residential Areas in the City(GRA)😏
  • You rest on Saturdays and do not expect to find most businesses open before 9:00a.m. Being a Lagos girl at heart, I am used to the hustling nature of Lagosians. Businesses run on an 12 hour cycle or how long it takes to satisfy customers. Most businesses shut down at 6:00 pm here but that’s one of the perks or running your own business 😉
  • The Customer is not king, and so shouldn’t be treated as such. I love excellent service and I believe what you cannot achieve in excellent product you make up for in service. You got to have one or the other. 
  • Finally, there is no right of way when it comes to driving in PH. You can be hit by another road user who feels entitled and wouldn’t offer an apology when he is wrong. There are no traffic laws everyone just moves. However, I believe that the right thing should be done always even if you are considered the weirdo 
  • The city is blessed with exotic fruits however do not expect the sellers to Know the names of all they sell. That adds to the mystery



Disclaimer: there are always exceptions to every rule

Please share some of the things that have stood out for you in cities you have visited! 

Spotlight: Afro-Tech Girls


Welcome to thSpotlightseries which will be featured on this blog and its corresponding YouTube channel! The series will feature people and/or organisations that are doing their bit (no matter how big or small) to give back in some form or the other to society – people and the environment. There is a lot of complaining going on about societal challenges; and the motivation behind this series is to firstly, show that there are people who actually care and are putting their concern into action; and secondly, to encourage people who would like to do more and support such causes.

The ATG logo and the 3 founders The ATG logo and the 3 founders

The first in the series is Afro-Tech girls (ATG)! ATG is a non-profit that encourage girls to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. ATG was founded by Deola Shasanya, Yvonne Allanah and Morenike Johnson – 3 trail-blazing engineers working in Electrical, Mechanical and…

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Natural Hair & Colour pt. 1

I know I know, it’s been way too long and am sowie!!! Ironically one of the reasons for the long break besides being very busy was that I was inundated with ideas of what the next post should be, as a lot has happened. Finally, a decision has been made I would like to do a HAIR post!

For me, a visit to the salon is one of the ways to relax most especially if you keep your hair in its natural unrelaxed state. One of the struggles of moving to a new city is not knowing where to get that Salon Spa experience. I had learnt from a friend about a natural Hair salon in Port Harcourt and also stumbled upon it on some blogs listing Natural Hair salons in the country. So I paid a visit to Yellow SISI salon. I would try to incorporate a bit of a review about my experience there. It wasn’t what I expected but I have to give them points for the products used. They know how to care for one’s hair and this is something that’s rarely attainable with natural hair. However, ambience and customer service can definitely be improved upon. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the salon but maybe I could get one from anyone who visits soon.

So basically, I went to the salon not really sure of what hair do I wanted but I know I wanted my hair taken care off. The works… Washed, steamed, trimmed maybe, and probably twists. Fast forward 20mins of waiting time and I get inspired by a box of hair color on display 🙂

The Hair Color Used

There are so many rules about coloring natural hair that kept flashing through my mind as I tried to make a decision, I went on Instagram for further inspiration and I found this


Photo Cred: Instagram @klassykinks


I totally fell in love, I knew I couldn’t achieve this with out of the box color but I knew I definitely wanted to give it a shot!

So I did! I loved the result, it wasn’t too bright but it still gave my hair the touch of color I was going for. After all, life is too short to have boring hair! In case, you haven’t gotten the drift yet, this is going to be a series on how to take care of color treated natural hair and I promise to be as sincere as possible by sharing the not so great experiences or experiments with the good!


Few weeks before my 2nd run at Hair Color

Dye and Minitwists done at Yellow Sisi Natural hair Hangout

I have only dyed my hair twice in my life with the first being about 20months ago when I did the chop after my transition to natural hair and I have to say I never regretted. Didn’t keep the color popping for long though as I wasn’t knowledgeable about how to do so then. Color treated hair requires special care to ensure the color pops, stays and your hair remains fully moisturized. This time we are on the journey to beautifully manatained colored hair 😉


The Bun life 😊

Please let me  know any advice or questions you might have as we embark on this journey!

Are you a Narcissist?

Hold up, before you cringe up with that look on your face to give a resounding NO,let’s take a look at what it means to be a Narcissist. According to Wikipedia, Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. I got an email today and the first that came to mind was ‘Narcissist’ which was a queer thought but this was suggested following a meeting I had with the individual where he brought attention to himself as an individual than the team he leads . Some of us are

Workplace Narcissist – we believe that we are the best in any team and no one can do what we do. We find ways to draw attention to ourselves in any meeting or gathering as this fuels our egotistic admiration of ourselves. At first,this may seem great and initially be considered a leadership trait but as time progresses, its easy to differentiate the two as a leader would empower the rest of the team and step away from the spotlight to let others shine. Ask your self when was the last time I learnt from my colleague or gave my colleague a boost. I am not saying we become walkovers but we should try to checkmate ourselves when all we think about is ourselves when it comes to the job

Relationship Narcissist: This can be evident in our relationship with both family and friends. Its a bit trickier here as to people outside the relationship, a narcissist would seem perfect as this is what he/she wants you to see because this is a way to further draw attention to himself. As we all know, we tend to get too familiar with family which makes it more difficult for a narcissist to care what perception his or family has of them. For friends since there are no permanent bonds, its easy to recycle friends and keep only those that constitute our fan club and tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear.

Social ME-dia Narcissist: Guess what?! I think the largest group of people belong to this group because its so easy to do it without even realizing its being done. Ed Young in 50 Shades of THEY came up with 8 groups of people there are on Social Media. I think its a good way to check ourselves and what role social media plays in our lives

• Hal Humility – This is the person who is prideful in their humility, who promotes their lowliness in spirit, who brags and then throws in words like “humbled” and “blessed.” So often we’re prideful in our humility and humble in our pride.

• Dana Destination – She’s always promoting another travel spot, reminding you: “I’m here and you’re not.”

• Tim Trophy. – He loves to post photo after photo of his accomplishments. Maybe he throws in a picture of him with a celebrity or he tells you all about his trophy friends.

• Susan Selfie – Every picture is the same. When she takes a picture or posts a comment, the focus is always on her.

• Paula Party – She’s always at a party making you think, “Why didn’t I get invited? I guess I don’t have as many friends as she does.”

• Sam Soapbox – He hyper focuses on one issue and never lets it go. Every post is a rant about the same thing.

• Barbara Bikini – She loves to get the lust engines going. She posts photos of herself in a bikini, but then she’ll throw up a random Bible verse attached to it.

• Ed Ego – He knows how to crop the photo, add a filter to it, and make everything about it just right to make him look like he is the MAN and you are not.

”It’s all about the way people spin it and the way we perceive it. Again, its highlight reel living

Social Media is great and I love all (most of) the doors its opened in the world. However…’‘And social media,If we’re not careful becomes social ME-dia, pumping up our pride and incubating our insecurities”


Let’s check whatever narcissistic tendencies we may have before it overtakes us and directs our actions.

Bow Tie Pasta 

Seems like I got bitten by the pasta bug during my trip to Florence, Italy, which I just saw its a beautiful place. So many sites to see with a rich culture and a great love of food. If anyone reading is ever in Florence, do make it a point of duty to visit the following sites or try the following activities

  • Segway Tour of the City Centre
  • Vespa tour of the Wine area
  • The sites of the City Centre such as the Cathedral,
  • The Vantage point of the city where the Michel Angelo statue is
  • Will keep updating the posts as I remember the names

First week back, I was in the mood for Pasta almost everyday and decided to go the route of the bow tie pasta. All that was needed for the recipe are: Tomato Sauce, Pasta, Choped Vegetables of choice, Spices, Minced meat. Simple.


Bring the pasta to a boil and rinse with cold water and keep aside

The sauce prepared two days before was included in the pot. Add about a tbsp of olive or sunflower oil, add onions and sliced green peppers, then mixed meat and season with coriander, thyme and lil salt and stir fry. Pour in your Tomato sauce and bring to a boil

Add in your pasta to the sauce and stir together and leave to sinmer till your pasta is tender enough to serve


Learn and Adapt to Win with Yam Pottage

How many times do we find ourselves answering the question, “why is that…?” With the same reply – it’s always been that way or that’s how I learnt to do it. 

A few days ago, I was in the middle of the preparation stage of making Yam pottage. I had my yam and plantain pieces on the stove boiling and was about to hit the on button on my blender to purée my tomatoes, onions and peppers; and as anyone who is familiar with Erratic power supply in Nigeria with, the power holders decided to shed some load off grid.

So what to do with an empty stomach, boiling yam and tomatoes ready to go in and an obstacle preventing me from doing the normal way? My survival mode kicked in and without flinching, I did the what I had to and I have got to say I loved the result 10x over than what I get normally.

Chopped up my peppers and tomatoes and onions and the result was a pot of steaming pottage with the richness of all the ingredients in every bite. Isn’t that winning?! The featured image captured the true essence of the emotion I felt when I took the first bite. 🙂

Guess just like food, we should learn to adapt to the situations we are presented with and make the best out of it without wasting time whining over what could have been.

Disclaimer: the title ‘learn and adapt to win’ is not orginally mine but living it everyday

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